All Things Begin and End On A Super 80

Going Somewhere?

“Love on a Super 80, livin’ it up while I’m goin’ down…”

No, seriously! 1998: Just reached cruise on a pretty empty flight from LGA to ORD, that’s New York to Chicago for those of you non-airline folks! Standing in the back galley– Loud POP:

Airplane shifts to right. Hmmm…fresh outta flight attendant school and even I know instantly, something’s not right here.

Can you say ‘catastrophic engine failure?’

The MD80, or S80 as some airlines continue to call it by it’s earlier title, is equipped with two engines and we just lost one, our number two engine!

Flight attendant mode kicks in–“I can smile & make you think everything is a-ok, even if the plane is going down…”

Not the way it’s supposed to be done, but it CAN land on one engine…and that day, we did just that as we prepared for an emergency landing to PHL (Philadelphia). Flight attendant checklist complete. Thankfully, landing uneventfully…probably one of the scariest moments of my career, but certainly not the only one! I will be sharing more stories like this in the future.

Shift back to the here & now:


Watching the #1 flight attendant take preferences, I thought of the many times I had done the same. I remembered the airplanes I’d boarded, deplaned, the number of overhead bins I’d closed. And I reminisced on all the times I stood in the aisle holding up that effing O2 mask during the safety demo- while nobody listened. It seems like a lifetime ago…a life I had lived once, so far from now.

All things begin and end on a Super 80. Most training flights out of DFW. I met my husband on one…I even joined a certain “club” on one (Let’s be clear, it was a one-time thing!)!!!!

And now, here I sit, again, on a Super 80.


About Reflections of a Super Stew

Ex-flight attendant turned army wife- Reflecting on the life of 2 flight attendants based in NYC. Travelling the world together, marrying the weekend after 911, Proving love conquers all as the adventures continue. Currently serving in the US Army. I reserve the rights to all written blog posts, and photos at and
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9 Responses to All Things Begin and End On A Super 80

  1. Bri Chavez says:

    I absolutely love the way you write, Emily! It’s quirky and cute, and makes me smile. Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more! =]

  2. brianeasley says:

    you joined the club on a Super 80?!?!?! lol

  3. vicky says:

    well, how does the story go? how did you meet your husband?
    you should really pen this and publish it, its really good,looking forward to more…

  4. joanne says:

    Keep them coming Emily!! Your character and personality comes out in your writing, and for those of us that are unfortunately too far away it is nice reading 🙂

  5. Liz M. says:

    Love, love, love!!! And I love how you are posting pictures for my mind to put it all together (yes…I love a good picture story – heehee!) I’m with Bri!! I love how you let your humor and wit shine in your writing. True fan already!!

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