The search for Johnny Depp Saga- Part I

Routine Wednesday September evening at my children’s karate class. Sensei speaks to the parents at the end regarding a parade they will participate in at the Comanche Fair that weekend. It sounded more like, “Blah, blah, blah, JOHNNY DEPP!” This was followed by silent disbelief of course, and complete wonderment as to why Johnny Depp would ever come to Lawton, Oklahoma.

After some quick internet research it turned out he was starring in a new movie called The Lone Ranger. His character, Tontoh just happened to be a Comanche Indian. Well here in Lawton, we live in Comanche Country. Although it was all very hush-hush, I knew that Johnny Depp was just the kind of actor that would want to explore his role and immerse himself in the culture of the Comanche’s. SO even though I still did not fully believe that he would be there, I had this small hope that the rumor was true.

Saturday was chilly and rainy. Dressed in their white gi’s, we walked our children through sopping wet mud covered fields to drop them off with the rest of the karate team. They began to line up the floats for the parade. We began the walk to our parade viewing location. I remember I was wearing jeans. They were long and soaked on the pant legs from the wetness on the ground in that very annoying way that wet jeans stick to your body. I tried rolling them up so that maybe I just wouldn’t feel that annoying feeling anymore.

There was not a huge turn-out, especially with the weather. Nobody really knew for sure if Depp would be there. As we readied ourselves for the parade to begin a black SUV started driving up the one street parade route. As it got closer, we could see the window was down on the passenger side and to our amazement- there he was! Johnny Depp was looking at us and waving to everyone he passed by. He’s really here! Oh my gosh! He’s really here!

Johnny Depp in SUV

Johnny Depp in SUV

He was the grand marshal of the parade, and apparently running late. His drivers rushed to his spot at the front. We were in shock and very excited, now that we knew for sure he was there and that we would be seeing him again in just a few moments.

His hair was long and he wore the coolest Morrison-esque hat with incredible beadwork on its brim. He had on aviator sunglasses, a white shirt rolled up at the sleeves, with a striped vest, a scarf, and ring covered fingers.

The second time around, he rode at the head of the parade in a black convertible with signs that said ‘Johnny Depp’ on either side. In the car, he sat next to LaDonna Harris, a Comanche and president of Americans For Indian Opportunity.

Johnny Depp in convertible

Johnny Depp in convertible

It was difficult to see with all of the security around. No chance to get closer, barely able to snap a quick picture without the entourage getting in the way.

Now is a good time to mention that I have never been completely infatuated with Mr. Depp, but truly admire his qualities as an actor. REALLY. I have been a fan for many years, and thought him more of a heart throb in the ’21 Jumpstreet’ days. Two of my all time favorite movies are ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’, and ‘Edward Scissorhands’. To date, the character of Jack Sparrow stole my heart as much as the next person–

iphone sep20122 277

And it’s not as though I’ve never been in the presence of celebrity. As a flight attendant based in NYC I came in contact with many, and shared several of those stories in a previous blog post.

Feeling disappointed that we did not get close enough, we left after the end of the parade. All I left with that day was some pictures that were not that great, mud and wet pant legs.

Feeling defeated, and disappointed for not getting a photo WITH the star, I even contemplated going back that day. There were rumors that he was still there. I was mad. I felt like I did not try hard enough.

On Sunday, we did have to return for another karate event. I must admit, I was secretly hoping that we might catch a glimpse of the superstar again, but we did not.

Now that you have read the first part of the story, you will understand why the next time I decided I could not be defeated! Stay tuned for: ‘The Search for Johnny Depp Saga, Part II’


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