Part II: Signs that I’ve moved into the acceptance phase of our PCS

Slowly moving from the denial phase. Truth is, the earlier we can get prepared and organized the easier this move and transition will be for everyone. I feel my type A personality coming out and taking over. As I look at my garage this statement cannot be more true.

So many things we hold onto. Box after box of things that do not fit…into our house, maybe even into our lives.

It’s hard to let go of things, and embrace change. Even harder to let go of people you have spent the last three years with, and counted on.  Having to say farewell is difficult. I would easily leave all of the stuff behind, if I could take some of them with me.

Here Are The Signs That I’ve Moved Into The Acceptance Phase:

  • Connected with people that we already know in the new area, and made several new connections, as well.
  1. Contacted friends that moved to the area prior to us.
  2. Already partnered with a friend also new to the area to create a wives page                                    similar to the one here, with coffee night and other meet-up’s.
  3. Reached out to a new connection, through a mutual friend, to find out                                         information regarding the area.
  • Began the process of researching volunteer opportunities and potential jobs.
  1. Reached out to well-connected friends and colleagues that may have                                         leads in the new area regarding jobs. Since unfortunately my current job no longer has a team there.
  2. Looked into future volunteer opportunities, similar to the ones I found and enjoy at my current home.
  • Began selling or getting rid of things in preparation for the move.
  1. Sold two large items: an oven from our first home’s custom kitchen, and                                   a futon we no longer need.
  2. Cleaned out filing cabinet to remove excess papers and documents we                                      no longer need.
  3. Donated clothing and miscellaneous items. Oh, and there will be more!
  • Started looking into places of interest and necessity in the area where we will move.
  1. Found a CrossFit gym and joined their fitness page. And realized I need                                   to hype up my game in order to keep up with them!
  • Began looking at on post housing information and photos online to get an idea of wait times, and what is available.
  • Started researching house rentals and even entertained the thought of purchasing our second home.
  1. Began looking at properties near the Puget Sound and fulfilling my need to live near the water.
  2. Began the process with our bank, and getting our finances in order.
  • Referred to the fact that we will no longer be here several times during conversation and planning of future events, school, and job.
  1. Discussing future work events, and the realization that I will not be here for some of them.
  2. Discussing next year’s school agenda, and PTA activities that I’ve been a part of, again, the reality that my children will go to another school.
  3. Looking ahead to future volunteer events which I lead, knowing someone else will have to take my place.
  4. Looking ahead to our FRG and battery changes. Knowing someone will have to take my place as treasurer, and all of the other activities I have been involved in.
  • Anticipated the realization that we leave behind a unit that has been so good to our family, and so unlike any other we have experienced to date.
  1. Realizing (but hopeful) we may never have this again: a family oriented battalion, with great commanders and leaders, that cared about families, made us feel important and relevant.  
  • Made decisions and discussed plans in regard to our departure and arrival.
  1. Decided, regardless of spouses report date, the rest of our family will arrive at the end of the school year, so the children may finish at their current school.
  2. Possibility of doing a partial DITY move.
  • Began the process of considering what I may do while looking for a job.
  1. Began researching how to write a book proposal. I have an idea for a personal memoir about my journey from flight attendant to army wife and all of the funny experiences in between.
  2. Considered finishing up degree. I only need a few more classes to finish up a psychology degree.

Many of the people I’ve known and counted on seem to be leaving soon, or have already left. We’ve all done our time here, and everyone eventually does leave. Kind of makes me sad, but also makes me look forward to new adventures, and the thought of making plans, or running into them again down the road!

Stay Tuned for the next phases of our PCS journey…what I will miss most- coming soon!


About Reflections of a Super Stew

Ex-flight attendant turned army wife- Reflecting on the life of 2 flight attendants based in NYC. Travelling the world together, marrying the weekend after 911, Proving love conquers all as the adventures continue. Currently serving in the US Army. I reserve the rights to all written blog posts, and photos at and
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2 Responses to Part II: Signs that I’ve moved into the acceptance phase of our PCS

  1. Liz McChesney says:

    I am loving these phases! You are a rockstar! Look at all you’ve done – all the contacts you’re making. An epic example of a resilient Army Wife who is gonna blow the roof off of your new duty station! ♥

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