Confessions of a Hotel Snob

It’s my own fault for not looking into the hotel and it’s location. After spending most of my adult life staying at fine hotels, and especially during my career as a flight attendant it will come as no surprise to many that know me and what a neat-freak I am. I confess it openly, yes, I am a hotel snob.

The beginnings of a hotel snob.

Whether it was the Hotel Concorde La Fayette à Paris, on the Place du Général Kœnig, with it’s views of the Eiffel Tower, and short jaunt to the Champs-Élysées…

Hotel Concorde la Fayette


Or perhaps Intercontinental’s in the heart of bustling South American cities, with on-site seamstress available for alterations to your uniform.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Even The Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum, a short stroll to Hyde Park, London’s Natural History Museum, or my favorite, The Victoria and Albert Museum may leave someone like me with high expectations.


Hotels with concierge service, fine dining, coffee shops, poolside bars…

Hotels that weren’t even considered to be nice, were really very nice! Like the Bonaventure in downtown LA. Crew members called it the badadventure. haha


It was not always so. When we were single, our standards may have been slightly lower. Before we were married, we admittedly stayed in our share of flea-bag motels for the sake of saving a dime. And in some cases- it really depends on the destination. An amazing destination can totally make up for a lower than usual accommodation and make you willing to put up with less. However, when you become parents some of this changes. Something about bathing your child in a bath tub with mold around the edge of the shower stall is very discomforting.

As the GPS noted our location was near, I started to worry. We were still on the highway, and nowhere near any downtown hotel locale, which I had assumed we were staying at. My stomach began to churn. As we pulled into our lodgings for the weekend already wanting to leave, my husband looked at me and laughed as he said in his finest drawl, “Hun-ny, we’re here!” It was then that we realized, we were a long way from our sometimes spoiledandweknowit crew member days.

To our terror, it wasn’t even a HOtel at all, but a MOtel. Ok. Breathe, maybe it’s not that bad.

According to USATODAY for clarification purposes, “Hotel,” according to Merriam-Webster, originated in the year 1765 and comes from a French word for an establishment that provides lodging, meals and other services. “Motel” came along much later, in 1925. It blends the words “motor” and “hotel” and is meant to describe an establishment that provides some, but not necessarily all of the services associated with a hotel. Hotels and motels employ varying types of workers. Motels employ a comparatively small number of employees. Hotels and motels also differ in price and often in the duration of stay for guests. Hotel accommodations commonly cost more. As for duration, hotels are built for longer stays; many are located in cities with attractions in walking distance. Motels, by design, offer shorter-term accommodations.”

The room itself was fair. Whether it was its position right next to a major highway, or the fact that several strip clubs lined the block it was situated on, I’m not really sure. It left us feeling uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against strippers, some have been my closest friends. It’s the people that frequent strip clubs that concern me. The unsecured parking area- and outside access to rooms kept me awake most of the night. All I could think about was someone busting through the door in the middle of the night as my children slept.

In my restless quandary, my brilliant plan in the event that I did fall asleep, was to move the desk chair in front of the entry door. When the intruders came in, I would most definitely hear them. What I was going to do next, I have no idea.

In my usual fashion, I tried to look for the positive. At least if the MOtel was below our standards, the food must be good, right? WRONG. Horrible buffet, severely lacking in choices. The eggs at the breakfast buffet actually made some of us sick.

Note to self: next time be sure and do some research. It’s hopefully supposed to be somewhere you want to be, a home away from home. In the end, this particular destination did not make up for the less than stellar accommodations, and we cut our trip short. We decided it just wasn’t worth it, and we would rather be at home.




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