Ready, Set, Move. Not All Fun and Games.

Ready to see how much stress one person can handle all at once. Move. That’s what it does (Well, to me, anyway).

It’s difficult for me to be a complainer, because I’m a do-er. If I don’t like something, I change it. I don’t like to focus on negativity happening in my life. Especially since my own problems are minor compared to others. I always try to remember that. I become very quiet. You won’t hear much from me. At times like this, I don’t even want to talk to me. Writing is my method for attempting to find humor in life situations. So here goes, a multi-part series of events that occurred at the same time.

Moving, a top stressor for anyone, including me (especially with children, or pets, I would imagine). It started out like a vacation kind of, an adventure. Minus the packing and moving day. The slightly awkward feeling of other people touching and going through your things. Wondering how much of it will be broken between here and there. We won’t think about that now though.

We finally reach our destination (I will save the fun adventure stuff in between for another day). Living in a hotel for ten days, while searching for a place to live. Reality begins to set in and instantaneously, vacation OV-ER!

Many of the things we take for granted in the comfort of our own homes becomes extremely significant.

Laundry. There are a few places I do not like to go. The laundromat is one of them. I mean, have you been to one lately? Well, I have and it’s not pretty. Call me crazy, but folding my underwear near random onlookers is not very appealing.

Sleeping in your own bed. True, some hotel beds can be comfy, but nothing is better than your very own bed and pillows. This is even more true when you must sleep on the floor or an air mattress, which often comes with the territory.

Cooking in your own kitchen with all the necessary supplies readily available. It can be frustrating cooking away from home when you find that you lack even the simplest items, such as a sharp knife, or a strainer. Or a baking dish, or how about even an oven. Our recent hotel was equipped with a cook top only.

Constantly eating out. Sure, it’s convenient, and sometimes a must. For someone like myself, who follows a strict diet, it can be quite a challenge. It is hard to say no to the unhealthy option when that’s what everyone around you has ordered. Not to mention, it becomes quite an expense.

Space. Some personal, alone time. By yourself. Love spending time with my family, but everyone needs a break from so much togetherness. Even if it’s just to go into a different room, away from them to read a book in quiet solitude.

Trade in hotel room for yay-we-found-a-rental-and we’ll-be-sleeping-on-air mattresses-and-the-floor-for-going-on-two-weeks-now kind of feeling. Relief that you have found a place to live, albeit without the comfort of your own things, like a chair, a table or a couch. At least one of the hardest parts is over.

And then you find out that your household goods have not even left the state you moved from…

SPECIAL NOTE: Nothing more disheartening than living the furthest you ever have away from home when family situations arise. It was also during the time frame between searching for a home and waiting on our household goods to arrive that I found out my grandmother has breast cancer. If that was not bad enough, my father was waiting on results from tests done to see if he had cancer as well.  Fortunately, my father’s tests came back negative. However, my grandmother’s breast cancer has metastasized and she is currently undergoing radiation treatments. We are waiting on a prognosis.


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