White Bus

All hugs & kisses have been given for now…

but it never seems real until the white bus pulls away.

Saying goodbye never gets easier, but the first few days are definitely the hardest.

Trying to get used to you being gone. Not because I want to.

Restless sleep.

It’s so quiet when the kids have gone to bed, and I am alone.

Even though I am strong when I need to be, I am weak.

The sinking, overwhelming feeling of carrying the world on your shoulders.

Filling the roles of two.

Attempting to keep things as normal as possible.

Staying busy in hopes that the time will go by faster.

It’s more difficult as the children get older. They seem to ‘get it‘.

Racing to the phone– afraid to miss your call. They are few and far between.

When you’re awake, we are sleeping.

Holidays are the worst.

This year you will miss my birthday, our daughters birthday and even your own. Thanksgiving and Christmas,

and all of the many other special moments in between.

It’s time. It does not stop. When the moment is gone, it is gone forever.

Such sacrifices we make.

As the white bus carries you away from us, we return to the car. I comfort our children while they cry.

It’s late. They are tired. When they awaken, you will be far, far away.

One week down and forever to go.


About Reflections of a Super Stew

Ex-flight attendant turned army wife- Reflecting on the life of 2 flight attendants based in NYC. Travelling the world together, marrying the weekend after 911, Proving love conquers all as the adventures continue. Currently serving in the US Army. I reserve the rights to all written blog posts, and photos at https://superstew39.wordpress.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/superstew39
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