Guns And Grocery Shopping

[Disclaimer: A special note- we can still be friends even if we don’t agree on something. This is solely my opinion- and me expressing myself through writing. Not really looking for an argument with anyone. TIA!]

If you live in America and believe there’s not a gun problem, you need to watch the news one evening.

Gun violence. It defines America today. It’s been four years since I gave up watching the news, because if I didn’t, I would never leave my home.

Nowadays when I go somewhere I wonder if and when someone is going to start shooting. I think of it often–almost every place I go. I look for escape routes, and ways that I can protect my family.

This doesn’t seem normal to me.

Sadly, it is becoming more and more commonplace, and more normal everyday.

Recently in Wal-Mart with my children, I was startled when I walked past a man openly carrying a gun.

It made me feel uneasy. Annoyed. Angry.

I hurried my children away from him and avoided him the rest of the time we were there.

My first thought was,”why?” This is a store full of people. Families buying food (and sadly, just to show you I am not naive- guns, probably- but we’re not talking about that today).

Why do you need to carry your gun here. And more importantly, I don’t know you, or whether or not you’re a responsible gun owner.

Since you are exercising your right to open carry, do I have the right to ask if you’ve had a background check, if there’s a restraining order against you, or if you’re a straight up nut job?

I feel very uncomfortable with you toting your gun around while I’m purchasing dinosaur egg oatmeal for my kids. Truthfully, I don’t feel comfortable running into random strangers openly carrying their firearms anywhere.

Do you think you are keeping us safe, because I don’t feel safe with you around. I own guns too, which are kept sensibly/securely locked away. I have never felt the need to take one shopping with me.

It alarms me to look ahead to a future where everyone is armed, and you can’t tell the bad guys from the good guys.



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