Party Planner Extraordinaire

I started writing this blog post last night. After I woke up this morning, I realized I could probably dedicate an entire blog just to the parties I have done. Truthfully, it’s not only parties, but simply creating: school projects, gifts, house decor.... I am a crafter, I suppose. There, I said it. Even though I do not think it is an actual word.

Lots of people have told me I should be a party planner. It’s true, I’ve planned & organised quite a few events. Usually for family or close friends. It is a process I go through. Something I delve into and enjoy; crafting and creating special touches dedicated to a theme or person. I’m afraid that getting paid for it might take some of the magic away. I would have to do what they wanted and not what I want.

It very much a personal experience for me, which I tend to pour myself into. As a details person, I take the time to add in things that often go unnoticed by many. This is another reason why I am careful when I take on a project. If I do not think I have the proper time to invest, or some other issue- it will not turn out the way I want, which is usually amazing and special somehow. Oh, and I am a perfectionistworkingonnotbeing one.

I find inspiration in many places. Pinterest is ideal. I often use an idea, reinvent it, and put my own creative stamp on it. Most of the time, I find inspiration from the very person I am doing the party for. A perfect example is one of my first baby showers. It was for one of my sisters. Elvis was the theme, and she had no idea. This had special meaning to us, as we love Elvis, and had taken an all-girl road trip to Graceland. Some of my favorite details included: records hanging from the ceiling with song titles like: Little Sister, Teddy Bear, and Elvis cut-out’s as centerpieces. I had SO much fun doing this one!


Every now and then I have had successful collaborations with like-minded partners that just get me and my ideas. Now that is a wonderful feeling! Those people totally know who they are. We have even joked about going into business together as party planners! Ideas are shared, as well as the workload=prime combination. This just happened. It was a student tea-party on behalf of the PTA. It was so good that it inspired me to write this blog post, and really got me thinking about all the events I have done.

tea party sneak peek

This was also when I realized that I couldn’t just write one blog post dedicated to all of my favorite parties. There are too many things to share about what I loved at each one! Too many ideas, too much inspiration…and then, since our children came into the picture, birthday parties have taken on a life of their own each year! I mean, there have been Ninjago parties with fake candy sushi, or FU-shi, Skylanders with paper Skylander head’s…(sounds weird, but totally cool!), and tons of princess parties. One year- we even had an actual buried treasure chest for a pirate themed birthday- how can I NOT share that????

So I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this yet, but it also got me writing with a big smile on my face. I guess you will just have to wait and see what the outcome is!


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