How do working moms do it?

As I woke up and prepared for my first day of working in over a year, it was also the second day of school for my children. In typical 6-year-old girl fashion nothing fit, or matched. Shoes felt tight, every pair of socks felt lumpy, and anything that could become an issue- did. The day before I’m pretty sure I broke my pinky toe doing something clumsy, and I got my first “C” on an assignment in years. All of this set the tone of my mood.

I have always prided myself on being that fun, creative mom, throwing cool birthday parties, being crafty with school projects, being available, and super involved. Not having a full-time job makes this possible (And I am grateful). AND being a parent IS already a full-time job. SO do not forget that.

So I will ask a question that I really need answered: How do working moms do it?

Yesterday I hit a brick wall. Fact is, I’m a mom, and I’m a student, and I’m a volunteer in several capacities, and now, I’m working part-time. How can I do all of these things and be really good at any one of them? Moms of the world, what have we done to ourselves? OR what am I doing wrong? How is it that husbands get to choose one or the other; go to work, or stay home. And moms have to do it all.

So when I'm stressed I'll just yell,

There’s just not enough coffee in the world.

Wake up kids in morning. Tell them to brush their teeth and get dressed twenty times. Ok yell at them. Feed them breakfast. Finally get out door. Oh, right. I did not have time to eat. Go to work and school. Come home. Oh yeah. Forgot to eat again. Maybe clean house. Maybe do laundry, okay probably not. Shouldn’t I be skinnier? Soccer practice, or some other extracurricular activity,stop at grocery store, and two papers and a bunch of schoolwork later…

And if your husband  doesn’t look at you like “what’s for dinner?” after you worked an 8 hour shift and sat at soccer practice for an hour and a half, lucky you, and you’re my idol.

Let’s just say that dinner may or may not have gotten cooked.


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