Why It Doesn’t Matter That Your Husband Is An Officer And Mine Isn’t, Revisited

This happens so rarely, but when it does, it quickly becomes very awkward and unwelcome. Not the first time I’ve written about it either, and I’m sure it won’t be the last…so just don’t be this spouse. Please, I’m begging.

Why It Doesn’t Matter That Your Husband Is An Officer And Mine Isn’t

  1. I am not the one in the military (and neither are you). Sarah to Jareth in the Labyrinth, “You have no power over me.” lab
  2. Take the word ‘military’ out of the equation and let’s see how far your false sense of entitlement gets you (you know who you are).
  3. Oh, because I really just don’t care. Our spouses took different paths within the military. That is all.
  4. We are all wives first that each have the potential to do great things no matter what our husbands rank. rank
  5. You come second to the military just like I do.
  6. This stigma gets redundant, it’s 2016 people.
  7. We’re all in this together.
  8. Still not caring…
  9. Some officers wives have been my best friends, still are.
  10. I treat others how I want to be treated. In fact, I’m probably nicer to them than they are to me. No amount of “officer spouse only” exclusive grooming classes can teach this.
  11. If you think it matters- than you are a part of the problem.

For the record, I have my own coffee group where everyone is invited.




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Ex-flight attendant turned army wife- Reflecting on the life of 2 flight attendants based in NYC. Travelling the world together, marrying the weekend after 911, Proving love conquers all as the adventures continue. Currently serving in the US Army. I reserve the rights to all written blog posts, and photos at https://superstew39.wordpress.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/superstew39
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