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A year

It has been longer than one year since I began this post about my grandmother’s death. Continue reading

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Inlet. Standing in the sand, Barefoot, dress blowing in the ocean breeze. Arms around me, My Vronsky, But he was already taken. Pretending not to see you as you walked by, looking for me. The beginning of the end. That … Continue reading

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The Simple Life

Yes. It’s true. Every once in a while the army sends you somewhere nice. A place you might actually enjoy living. It’s almost like a well deserved reward for all of the other crap. Well, that’s the way it should … Continue reading

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A Short Chapter Of My Life That Changed Everything

When I was 19 I packed my little orange Toyota Tercel with everything I owned at the time, and headed for the east coast. Leaving the small town behind in search of a life of adventure by the sea. Never … Continue reading

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Chincoteague Island

Driving away, away And now I am gone As if I was never there. Looking back, Always looking backwards as it becomes tinier, and tinier, and that longing in my heart becomes stronger and stronger. My place by the sea, … Continue reading

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